A Consumer’s Guide to Hylexin Dark Circle Cream

Let’s face it – the American lifestyle doesn’t bode well for beauty. We are working more and lack our much needed ‘beauty sleep’. This trend doesn’t look like it is ending anytime soon either. It seems that the more demands that are placed on us at home and in the workplace, the more attention we need to pay to our overall appearance.

A lack of sleep not only causes fatigue, irritability, and lapses in concentration, it also ages us. We become more susceptible to disease conditions and our bodies wear down at an alarming rate. We also usually end up looking like we feel.

This can have devastating consequences in our social and professional life. When we present ourselves to others, our first asset is our face; especially our eyes. Some of us don’t have to work to look refreshed, while others slave day and night in front of a mirror only to look like their carrying luggage (bags) under their eyes.

A lack of sleep is only one cause to the puffiness and dark circles that form under our eyes. Other causes can be fluid retention and genetics. Yes, we can inherit thin lower eyelids! Additionally, as we age, the skin covering our eyelids thins and we loose skin elasticity (firmness). This results in bigger, darker, bags! Finally, for some, hemoglobin degradation may be the culprit. This results as capillaries begin to deposit blood around your eyes. The blood becomes oxidized, turning a bluish-red pigment that looks like a bad bruise.

What to do about those dark circles under your eyes?

There are many options, both natural and cosmetic-based that may revive your eyes. One option that has been gaining serious interest by consumers is Hylexin – a “revolutionary” cosmetic agent (cosmeceutical) targeting serious dark circles under the eye, in their words. It’s not a concealer but a treatment. Hylexin’s website claims that their product is the “first formula specifically developed to dramatically reduce the appearance of serious dark circles.”

Though it’s hard to validate their claim as “the first formula” for dark circles, Hylexin’s creators point to a double-blind clinical trial to prove its credibility and effectiveness. According to their independent research, 72% of women using Hylexin’s patented compound noticed a significant reduction in the color and severity of their dark circles.

For a hefty $95 price tag, Hylexin guarantees to break down the pigment that causes dark circles. It also promises to strengthen the skin and blood vessels under your eyes to make darkening less visible. What’s in this formula that makes it so effective?

The Ingredients:

After an extensive review, the ingredients found in Hylexin seem to perform a multitude of beneficial actions on the skin. Below is a brief breakdown of some of Hylexin’s key ingredients. This list excludes preservatives and fillers and is in no particular order.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil: A calming oil that provides nourishment for the skin (vitamin E, linoleic and oleic fatty acids).
  • Tripeptides: These agents enhance the production of collagen in the skin, among other substances.
  • Chrysin and N-hydroxysuccinimide – Promotes the elimination of blood originating pigments from under the eyes.
  • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone – Derived from common citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, this chemical constituent is a powerful antioxidant (prevents free radical damage). It may be Hylexin’s most important ingredient. It has been shown to positively affect the leakage from capillaries, which helps to remedy dark circles under the eyes. Hesperidin may also reduce the puffiness and swelling often associated with dark circles.

Conclusions about Hylexin Benefits

The Good:

Hylexin can be used by both men and women for dark circles under their eyes, regargless of severity. It is also very easy to apply and can be applied with other facial products. Finally, if it doesn’t work for you, Hylexin offers a 100%, money-back guarantee.

The Bad

Again, for $95, Hylexin should be both effective and easy to use. However, it seems consumers and dermatologists remain skeptic at best when it comes to the bold guarantees of this product…especially when it claims to repair blood vessels.

There is also some rumor regarding the safety of parabens – ingredients contained in Hylexin’s formula. Parabens have been linked to increased skin sensitivity and allergies in users. At one time, the paraben chemical family was purported to induce certain cancers. More study is needed to substantiate the paraben-cancer link, however. Since parabens are found in many cosmetic products besides Hylexin, these fears are probably unfounded.

Lastly, this product isn’t a one-time treatment. Users report having to apply Hylexin for significant periods of time to gain the effects they desire. Considering the expense of Hylexin and similar products (particularly when purchased at retail counters), reducing the appearance of dark eye circles can be an expensive undertaking.

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