5 Natural Treatments for Skin Lightening

Ageing can take away the natural glow from ‘once-radiant’ face. Other factors such as weather conditions, genetics and health issues, can rob your skin of its natural shine. It is imperative that you take timely steps to prevent skin conditions such as sun spots and melasma. Herbal remedies for skin lightening are safer alternatives to chemical skin treatments.

Dark spots, melasma and hyper-pigmentation can appear on hands, face, and shoulders. Hormone fluctuations and sun exposure can cause uneven skin tone. No doubt cosmetic treatments provide an easy solution for these conditions, but you can lighten your appearance using simple ingredients from your kitchen. Having a wholesome diet and undertaking healthy skin regimen can do wonders to skin. Some of the herbal remedies for a healthier glow are as below.

  • Lemon juice is a rich source of natural vitamin C. Being strongly acidic, it is the perfect natural astringent. Its moisturizing action nourishes the skin from deep within. Lemon juice has long been used for treatment of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Add vinegar or honey to lemon juice to enhance the body color lightening effects. Regular use for 6 months will definitely yield positive results.
  • Papaya is a tropical fruit that is edible and offers skin benefits too. It contains the enzyme ‘papain’ that helps exfoliate the face. Furthermore, it also aids regeneration of skin cells. Papain also restricts the activity of the pigment-producing enzyme ‘Tyrosinase’. Simply rub raw papaya peel on the face and shoulders. Wash off after 15 minutes to reveal a glowing skin underneath.
  • Castor Oil is extracted from bean-like seeds of castor plants. The undecenoic acid found in these seeds help lighten skin pots and slow ageing. Apply castor oil daily for 10 minutes. Visible difference is noticed within a month.
  • Onion juice and vinegar mixture offers marvelous skin benefits. Both these ingredients are natural body exfoliates. Prepare an onion puree and extract the juice. Mix equal amount of vinegar into this juice. Apply this solution directly on the age spots or melasma. Within six months, spots will be visibly reduced.
  • Aloe Vera promotes natural skin regeneration. New whiter skin cells emerge from within. It is used in various skin lightening creams as an active ingredient. Aloe Vera is highly effective against minor scrapes and burns.

Natural remedies for skin lightening have many benefits over chemical cosmetic treatments. Most of these treatments employ harsh chemicals, such as Hydroquinone, to bleach the skin. Expensive treatments such as micro derma-brasion and chemical peels can have adverse side effects. Herbal creams containing natural skin lightening ingredients provide a much safer alternative.

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